Membership Details

To give you a chance to actively use the Indonesian that you're learning and have all your mistakes corrected, we recommend you get a membership for just $10 per month. The packages provide a 'step-by-step' program for you to work through and develop your Indonesian 'skills' and with the membership you can practice using those skills by writing emails and other activities.

Perhaps you have plenty of opportunities to practice your Indonesian, especially if you're living in Indonesia, but it's also very important to get your mistakes corrected. Mistakes are unavoidable since you'll undoubtedly be thinking in Englsh and unsure how to express the idea in Indonesian.

In general, Indonesians won't correct your mistakes, even when you ask them to, and even if they do, they will be very 'lenient' and supportive and will say, "Ya, that's okay.", when in fact it's not the best way to express the idea. With a membership you can get all those uncertainties clearly explained.

We can't possibly think of every possible expression and include it in the learning material, so we really encourage all our members to write emails and having them corrected. You'll be matched up with a teacher so that you can have an ongoing conversation like you would with any other email friend, except now you can be improving your Indonesian.

We also send regular emails with a variety of interesting material and pointers. That not only provides you with new learning material on a regular basis, but also helps keep you motivated and actively learning Indonesian.

Members also get additional audio files where they can try and type out what they hear and then check to see where they made mistakes.

Monthly Membership

For just $10 a month, we are your full time 'bahasa pembantu' (language helper). You get full access to all material (excluding learning packages) and direct access to have all your questions answered.

Keen Student Special

With this promotional offer, you get all the learning packages and 6 month membership for just $99. Thus, you're getting the membership for FREE, a savings of $60.

Basic Life Membership

We really, really want to help you keep everyone learning Indonesian, and this is how we can do it. It's an incredible bargain for just $22 and gives you access to a whole range of videos and other material to help you practice your Indonesian.

Although all students will enjoy the comics, movies and other videos, the material is generally at an intermediate to more advanced level. Thus, if you're still a beginner, it's best to get our learning packages so that you can quickly build up your abilities to this level.

For more information on the learning packages and other options for learning Indonesian, go here to get started , and if you have any questions, please just send us an email.