Siap belajar Bahasa Indonesia?

Ready to learn Indonesian? Bagus! (Great!) Below is a sample of the first few files in our audio based program for learning Indonesian. Ideally we recommend students use it in conjunction with the learning packages in order to get the maximum benefit from the time you invest in learning Indonesian.

Although it's audio based, we also provide the full text, both in PDF form and as 'active text' so that you can practice speaking along with the audio.

Perhaps the best place to start for absolute beginners is with our 'Learn Indonesian' series with Pak Keban. You'll be introduced to many basic words and ideas along with some repetition to help you remember them.

LI-01 : Your first words in Indonesian    (Click here to view PDF)      Learn Indonesian - 01   (Click to play audio)

(Click here for webpage with 'active text')

Our '10 Words per Page Audio Series' similarly starts with your very first words in Indonesian and takes you step-by-step to an intermediate level, where you can comfortably communicate day to day. It progresses quicker than the above audio but gives a good summary of the details and points to remember.

10pp_01 : Your first 50 Indonesian words    (Click here to view PDF)      10pp - 01   (Click to play audio)

We also suggest you listen to the dialogues repeatedly. Since they're all Indonesian, with no English, it's best to follow along with the PDF the first time or two so that you understand and remember the idea of the dialogue. After that, they're excellent practice for listening and speaking.

This simple dialogue, "Bob Saja" (Just Bob), is a great place to start. You probably won't need to listen to this one repeatedly, but the second and third audios in the series, and the "Apa ini?" series will be useful to listen to repeatedly.

Bob Saja 01 : Your first Indonesian conversation    (Click here to view PDF)      Bob Saja - 01

Here's the first audio of a similar series called "Apa ini? / Apa itu?" (What's this? / What's that?).

Apa ini? - 01 : Practice your Basic Indonesian    (Click here to view PDF)      Apa ini? - 01

Here's the second audio of the 'Learn Indonesian' series with Pak Keban. In this series we try to give more repetition so that it's effective for learning while listening and doing other activities.

LI-02 : Basic words, numbers and days of the week    (Click here to view PDF)      Learn Indonesian - 02

Here are the remaining two parts to the "Bob Saja" (Just Bob) series.

Bob Saja - 02    (Click here to view PDF)      Bob Saja - 02

Bob Saja - 03    (Click here to view PDF)      Bob Saja - 03

Hopefully that gives you a clear idea of how our audio learning program is laid out. Obviously it's much more than just audio files like you get with Pimsleur and other programs, but we think these extra elements are important to help you learn Indonesian effectively. Hopefully you agree with us and want to get the program. :)

It's currently available as part of our Introductory Package, which gives you even better value, by combining both programs for just $49.99. The 'active text' feature is also an effective tool to help you practice your speaking and listening skills.

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