About Us

My name is Brian. I'm from Canada and have lived many years in Indonesia. I'm an engineer by training and a 'problem solver' by nature. After learning Indonesian well enough to be mistaken for a native when talking on the phone, and seeing how poorly others were being taught 'unnatural' Indonesian, I decided to create a program to help people learn Indonesian.

It basically consisted of "what I wish I had had when I was learning Indonesian", along with my general ideas on how learning can be accomplished more effectively. The results were, in short, amazing. People were able to learn Indonesian very quickly by simply following the program.

I've since become busy learning Russian and other languages, and whenever I develop some new techniques for learning those languages, I implement them into our program for learning Indonesian.

The most recent success is the 'active text' which I had been wanting for years but couldn't find anyone who could do the programming. I finally managed to solve that problem, so now we can create many, many interesting and helpful pages with audio and video files.

To help me do that, I'm now working with Pak Keban, a long time friend who has a small 'lembaga' (institute/school) for teaching English and computer. He's a wonderful, kind man who is sincerely trying to help people. The income from memberships and Skype lessons is a big, big help to him for paying rent and keeping his lembaga open.

We also have several part time teachers for teaching via Skype or coming to your home or office in Jakarta.

We all look forward to meeting you and helping you learn Indonesian.