Why us?

  • A step-by-step approach that teaches you 'physically'.
  • Quite literally, you don't learn to speak Indonesian, you 'speak to learn Indonesian'. The results will amaze you!
  • Realistic audio files that don't put you to sleep. And you learn what people really say, not super formal Indonesian that nobody uses.
  • Zero time wasted listening to English or long gaps of silence.
  • Audio control features that put you in charge of your learning.
  • Intuitive learning techniques that "work like magic".
  • We've seen all the other programs.
  • We've been through it ourselves, and this time we want to make it easier and, above all, faster, for you.
  • This comment from a language learning enthusiast says it all:
    "It's very rare that I think a program gets it right. Yours does."
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How valuable is your time?

  • Our goal is to help you make the most of your valuable time.
  • We've designed the program so that each individual can progress at whatever speed is comfortable for them.
  • You can literally be communicating after just a few hours.
  • Most students, after one 30 hour lesson package, are able to communicate comfortably. So much so that they often don't continue with more lessons! Bad for business for good for the students.
  • We introduce grammar aspects only as needed for natural conversation. Starting with formal Indonesian too soon simply slows down the learning process unnecessarily.
  • Lesson times, via Skype or in person, are flexible, in order to accomodate your busy and changing schedule.
  • Our new 'audio based' learning series is perfect for 'learning on the go', whatever it is you're doing.
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Learning options

  • For a complete program to help you learn Indonesian, we recommend our 'learning packages' which provide everything you need to learn Indonesian.
  • Lessons with a teacher, via Skype or in person, will help you activate what you're learning in the packages, improve your pronunciation and help you get maximum results from your learning efforts.
  • A monthly membership gives you unlimited written access to our teachers, to ask questions and get your mistakes corrected, and full access to all our audio and video material.
  • A basic membership gives you access to our audio and video material. This option is particularly attractive to those who have already learned basic Indonesian and want to continue their learning indefinitely, but in an effective manner.
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Check your basics

Many, many times we get students who have studied elsewhere and have reached a fairly advanced level but have missed out on many fundamentals, or are making some basic mistakes, which have become bad habits; and they're very hard to break.

Try the samples below to see where you're at with your 'basic' Indonesian.

"Welcome to Indonesia."    (?)

"What are you doing?"    (?)

"it seems" / "I think"    (?)

"She's listening to music on the radio."    (?)

(leaving your office or house) "Oh, I forgot something."    (?)

It's very important to stop translating from English and simply use Indonesian as it was intended. Developing a 'feel' for a language begins with the very first lesson if the program is set up properly.

How about these expressions:

"I never knew that before." / "I didn't know that."    (?)

"The power's out." / "The electricity's out."    (?)

"It's going to rain." / "It looks like it's going to rain."    (?)

(tell your driver to fill up the car with gas)    (?)

(and when the taxi stops to fill up he might say)    (?)

(and if you need some air in your tires, what would you say?)    (?)

(and the expression for 'catch a cold'?)    (?)

Notice how the last few examples all worked on developing a deeper understanding of the words 'ngisi' and 'angin'. This is another key element of a good program. It must build on previously introduced material in order to strengthen the understanding, and you're literally strengthening the neural connection. The student doesn't have to do anything. The program is doing the work.

Are you convinced now?

Getting started

If you're an absolute newbie or still a beginner, the best way to get started is with the Introductory Package. With it you will quickly progress to the point where you can successfully manage basic conversations and develop a solid foundation for future learning.

The next step is the pre-intermediate package and this can be combined with the monthly membership and skype lessons to really help you progress quickly. As a member, and with skype lessons, you'll have the chance to 'activate' your Indonesian by expressing your own ideas and having your mistakes corrected.

For more information on what's included in the packages and membership simply click here to Get Started Learning Indonesian!

If you have any quesions, please just send us an email.

We REALLY want to help you learn Indonesian!

Sure, this is a business but that's really not why we do it. Our passion is learning languages and it all started with learning Indonesian. Now we want to pass on the benefits to you.

I could go on for hours, talking about language learning and telling you stories, but all you really want to know is will it help you. All I can say is definitely, and if you give it a try and you're not satisfied, we'll give you your money back.

So go for it!! You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain!!

Get Started Learning Indonesian!

Learn Indonesian in Jakarta!

If you're looking for private Indonesian lessons in Jakarta, then we can definitely help. Private Indonesian lessons are much more effective than group lessons and we come to your home or office, so you waste zero time.

We recognize that expats living and working in Jakarta are very busy and need to have their schedule for learning Indonesian as flexible as possible. Simply let the teacher know in advance and arrange an alternative time for your Indonesian lesson.

For more information and prices, please send us an email asking about Bahasa Indonesia lessons in Jakarta.